The pan-Hellenic Pro-Life movement urges for a NO-vote in the upcoming referendum and supports Irish pro-lifers


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Athens, 19.5.2018

To whom it may concern,

Christ is Risen!!!

Recently, a group of twenty Christian Orthodox Associations have come together to form the first Greek pro-life organisation, supported by the Orthodox Archdiocese of Athens. The groups have come together under the umbrella name "Afiste me na ziso" (in Greek) or "Give me the right to live" (in English).

Our main objective is to help Greek society become aware of the fact that human life begins at conception, educate the public with the truth about abortion, and pass the message that every human life must be protected from the beginning of its existence regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and mental or physical health. We also advocate for the unborn legally, limiting the evil of abortion, and try to engage the culture positively with a persuasive case for life, focusing on the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion.

We spread our message in the name of the Holy Trinity, the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who mostly loved children and encouraged us to become like them in order to enter His Kingdom.

We are writing to you in order to endorse your efforts, express wholehearted support for the pro-life movement groups in Ireland, and wish you all success in the upcoming referendum. The letter is signed by all constituent Associations of "Give me the right to live", with the conviction that your efforts to save the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution will be successful.

For the record, please allow us to state that we fully and unequivocally support your positions and arguments, and wish and hope that the Irish people will endorse your message in the upcoming referendum with the highest possible majority. A NO vote will be securing the right to live to all Irish people offspring.

We wish to make it known that our souls and prayers are with you.

With the outmost respect for pro-life movement in Ireland and the Irish people, please accept the blessings or our priests and spiritual fathers.


God bless you,

The "Afiste me na ziso", Greek Pro -Life Movement.


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«Αφήστε με να ζήσω!»


Precious Life

Dear Friend in Life,

Thank you for your beautiful prayers for Ireland at this time.

There are prayer campaigns throughout Ireland and we are praying God’s
Great Mercy on us and our land.

Yours in Christ,



Iona Institute

Dear Greek friends,

Thank you very much for your support. It is really appreciated.

After a long campaign, hopefully tomorrow we will celebrate a victory.

All the best,


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